“Israeli leaders have approved a military operation into the Gaza Strip city of Rafah, and Israeli forces are now striking targets in the area, officials announced Monday. The move came hours after Hamas announced it had accepted an Egyptian-Qatari cease-fire proposal, which could end seven months of war in Gaza.”

Once again, Israel has pushed its military forces into a Palestinian city. The city of Rafah is the last known refuge for the Palestinian people since the war began in Gaza. Most of the world is against what Israel is doing, not because they believe Israel does not have a right to defend itself, but because they are killing too many innocent people for political purposes under a strong man persona.

The Israeli military must have an inferior special forces and broken intelligence because they cannot pinpoint the Hamas terrorist group and go in for them only, instead of killing others. Now that there is only one other place the terrorist can be, they still cannot corner them without killing women and children in the process.

Neither do they have the capability to negotiate a hostage release without using guns to kill others. This says a lot about their military forces and their military leadership. They lack advanced technology and intel and have resorted to brute force and violence because they cannot get their way through negotiation. They have not even stopped to think through the situation and quickly resorted to killing.

The world is watching but they do not care. They are going to make their point to Hamas and the world that they are brutally invested in killing anyone in their way until they get the hostages back. They have not even stopped to find out if the hostages are still alive. The irony in this situation is that the hostages may already be dead, yet they have killed so many people for no reason at all.


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