If police and rogue vigilantes think they are going to be immune (acquitted) when they stand before God on the day we are all judged, because they “were just doing their job,” they are sadly deceived. If the American judicial system is supposedly standing on the foundation of the Holy Bible, this is a sure contradiction to the 6th commandment of “Thou shalt not kill.”

As citizens trapped beneath the staunch laws of the justice system, we may not be able to gain ground against those laws, but we can rest assured that murderers will eventually face their time of suffering and doom: both in this life and the afterlife.

People who get away with murder based on judgments passed down by befuddled judges mentally perverted by stipulated laws and loopholes cannot escape the conscious and the eventual torture it brings overtime. In addition, anyone who supports killing such as the type going on with Black men being killed by trigger-happy cops and bigoted vigilantes will also suffer from forms of mental perdition.

It seems afar off and even non-existent to these people that God will ever judge the earth and the deeds of each individual and afterward pronounce punishment, however, if evil of this sort can persist on a daily bases, what makes anyone believe that goodness and justice will not. They are both opposite sides of the same coin thus, if one exists, so does the other.

Authorities and the media are talking a lot of talk, as they usually do, about making change to police procedures.


In light of such incidences, policing experts say the public, courts, and lawmakers have started to debate limits to immunity and arguing about policies to recalibrate the role of police.

“Attention is shifting toward questions about excessive use of force,” says George Ciccariello-Maher, a political scientist at Drexel University in Philadelphia. The public, he says, is taking note of “police impunity, which is essentially that police have not been held accountable for the way they act.”

Prediction: nothing will actually get done although many politicians and activist will come to the front and promise changes. But hate lies in the heart, not on paper, so these things are inevitable. Furthermore, not only will these things not stop, but it will get worse because Blacks, nor the general public, will not stand for this injustice for much longer.

Rioting and looting are not the answer but what can you expect from people when they are being mistreated by those in supposed authority; rebellion is their only means of protection against such treatment. If modern-day scholars and the educated elite cannot understand this concept, they should not be in leadership positions.

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