If a country cared anything about the education of their children as future leaders, they would implement a universal educational system (or keep and strengthen the one they have) instead of an income-based scam that strips all children of a uniformed education. This is exploitation at its finest.

The school voucher program is a scam if there ever was one. It is exploitation of the poor by the rich as they strip public schools of funds and give those funds to more well-off communities and families. Planned as far back as the 1980s, the object was always to do away with the free public school system so people can make money educating other people’s children.

The sleight-of-hand makes it seem as though this revolution in schooling is helping low-income students by giving them a choice for a better education. “We just want more options out there so that disadvantaged students will have a much better chance to find something,” one school voucher representative said. Well, if the state had not stripped the public schools of funding, there would be no need for an alternative.

The problem is, once the funds are stripped and deposited into some rich guy’s bank account, he then distributes the funds to families who do not even need the money. According to the same voucher representative, “If that also benefits families that are not as disadvantaged, then that’s great.” The availability of details on participants’ family income and other demographics varies widely from state to state.”

So what is happening is states are taking tax money from working families and using those dollars to fund semi-private schools. Bad enough that families who enroll in private schools are there to escape public schools, but now they are taking public money to supplement private school tuition and extra cost for supplies.


“Education savings accounts give families access to public per-pupil funds so they can use them to pay for tuition to private schools, homeschooling supplies, curriculum materials, and educational therapy services. Big-ticket items like private school tuition, public transportation to a school of the parent’s choice, and fees for standardized tests,” are also included.

This is blatant thievery of the people’s money, going to the coffers of private investors and owners. But they have brilliantly convinced the public that this is good for children and parents instead of people seeing it for what it really is, an exploitation and manipulation of public funds for private benefit.

One of the ways they have convinced people is to undermine and trash the public school system by claiming indoctrination of children. They find examples of LGBTQ teachings and magnify it through propaganda news networks and local radio programs and news stations. Then they scare the crap out of parents saying that the public school have become dangerous and immoral.

Yet they cannot guarantee that the voucher schools are any less discriminatory or immoral than public schools. There is not yet enough data. “For one, states are committing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for families to invest in education options that aren’t held to the same standards of academic accountability and anti-discrimination requirements that public schools must follow by law. Recent reporting from the news publication Wisconsin Watch, for instance, revealed that dozens of private schools in the state that are eligible to accept vouchers have policies that appear to permit discrimination against students with disabilities and LGBTQ students.” And of course, discrimination against people of color and Black families.

“Nine states have passed some version of an ESA program or expansion to a previous ESA policy since the start of 2021.” Most or all of these states are conservative states run by Republican governors, such as Arkansas (Huckabee Sanders) and Florida’s (DeSantis). They demonize the public school system claiming dangerous indoctrination but get the children in their schools to indoctrinate them on ideologies that are bigoted and historically racist.

But this was the objective all along. To start a school system that teaches white supremacy and legally and subtly eventually eliminate Black families and people of color. Those numbers will be coming in soon so be prepared to see the blatant racism in these schools. School segregation has not ended, it has simply become more sophisticated.

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