Among the race and class divide in America, there is a geographical divide that has deepened political animosity and fueled culture wars. The electoral map reveals areas of the country that are shaded deep red, who are occupied mostly by GOP voters, and more populated and coastal areas that are shaded blue for Democrat voters. The cultural wars start here.

There is apparently two different lifestyle choices and beliefs in the country at war with one another and both sides seem to be resisting the other’s lifestyle, though there is crossover of both. Unfortunately, the divide is becoming so deep that violence has become a choice for one side (the red), against the other, to which the other side is choosing voting to win the war.

Cheating in the voting process has become the ultimate blame on both sides, because the outcome of voting determines who gets what and how much. Nevertheless, the voting process has come into question for the entire nation as being corrupt because of money and power, not necessarily individual grassroots cheating.

The Red Side

GOP voters in rural areas have felt neglected for years but cannot seem to channel their anger in the right direction or at the right people, which are the wealthy, not the Democrats. Though they blame the Coastal Elites and educated liberals in the Democratic party for their woes, they also blame the diversity of the urban and many suburban areas for their problems, i.e., people of color, still ignoring the real reasons they struggle in life, which is again, the greed of the wealthy.


Their political representatives have arranged the state voting districts to favor their party by secluding smaller, diverse and Democratic districts, called gerrymandering. This way, they can have more congressional and senate representatives in government office in DC. This lopsided representation has caused many more people of the country to be subject to the demands of a small minority of rural voter demands.

Propaganda saturates these rural areas through conservative radio broadcast and cable news channels who tell tall tales and urban myths about liberals, urban and suburban dwellers, and Coastal Elites. They can do this because the majority of the rural voters have never been in big cities and do not know the real truth. They do not consider that it is simply a choice of lifestyle preference and is nothing demented or abnormal about city life.

The propaganda has reached a point of pure hatred for people who live in cities and anyone who votes Democrat. They believe lies that Democrats kill babies, are drug lords, prone to crime, government dependents and are sexually confused in gender. They have recently added lies of indoctrinating and trafficking children for profit. Though this is a problem in the country, not all people who vote Democrat do such things. But news channels constantly pumped these overblown lies out every day, themselves indoctrinating rural voters in hate and fear.

They have vilified immigrants; labelled Blacks as criminals who loot stores and burn down businesses and need to be shot on sight. They have encouraged open carry of military-style weapons, and have convinced these people that the government is coming to take their guns away. All this is what rural voters get through television and radio, not from real life experiences at all.

Rural white voters have, in many cases, far more political power than suburban or urban voters, and they’re using that outsized power to push our nation toward disaster. While they’re only 20 percent of the country, for example, because of gerrymandering they control fully 42 percent of seats in the House of Representatives.”

The Blue Side

Meanwhile, riots and protest usually break out in urban areas when social injustices are committed against any racial group or subculture. Of course, because of the density of population, many more people have different lifestyles and policies are extended to each group, which brings more chances of clash between some. Different laws are made and enforced than in rural areas and life happens when it happens. But people have learned to deal with it.

Urban areas tend to vote Democrat for the same reasons rural voters vote GOP; because Democrats represent their lifestyles more so than the GOP in urban and suburban areas. And for the same reasons, urban voters choose to live in the city because they too have a distorted view of rural life, such as hillbillies who will kill you, and uneducated people who work on farms all day. These views come from the same hollow thinking as those in rural areas. No real experiences.

The difference is, urban dwellers have not taken up arms against rural voters because they do not deem them a real threat, not after growing up in urban enclaves of criminal activity and various lifestyles. They have seen rampant drug use and sales, gun violence, street riots and massive protest against government, so nothing really moves them as much as does rural voters. What rural voters do not realize is that if they ever decided to take their guns to the city and destroy their perceived enemies, it will be an extremely tough feat to do so.

Nevertheless, urban life does produce lifestyles that go against the traditional lifestyles of rural people. And these lifestyles are emphasized as talking points for conservative media who hype Blue voters as homosexuals and perverts, accustom to rampant sexuality, health disparities, government dependency, and criminal activity. However, statistics show that these same lifestyles are just as prevalent, if not more, in rural areas but not as known or publicized.

“It’s undeniably true (and documented) that Republican-controlled “Red” states, almost across the board, have higher rates of:”

— Spousal abuse
— Obesity
— Smoking
— Teen pregnancy
— Sexually transmitted diseases
— Abortion (at least before Dobbs; now it would be “forced births”)
— Bankruptcies and poverty
— Homicide and suicide
— Infant mortality
— Maternal mortality
— Forcible rape
— Robbery and aggravated assault
— Dropouts from high school
— Divorce
— Contaminated air and water
— Opiate addiction and deaths
— Unskilled workers
— Parasitic infections
— Income and wealth inequality
— Covid deaths and unvaccinated people
— Federal subsidies to states (“Red State Welfare”)
— People on welfare
— Child poverty
— Homelessness
— Spousal murder
— Unemployment
— Deaths from auto accidents
— People living on disability
— Gun deaths

Overall, urban and suburban dwellers do not concern themselves with rural problems, which seems to be why they feel neglected by politicians. Urbanites live life and mind their own business and vote for candidates that will protect their lifestyles. Rural voters, on the other hand, are being filled with propaganda that has caused them to ready and take up arms against their urban neighbors, politicians, and those they are told are over-educated and elitist and look down on them.

The Coastal Elites

Democrat politicians have neglected the rural areas for years, which is why they chose the 45th president in 2016. They were sick and tired of being neglected by the establishment and desperately wanted change. Bernie Sanders appealed to them but was eliminated by the Clinton dynasty, which turned rural voters away and toward the 45th. Not to diminish the appeal to racism coming from the 45th, rural voters were vindicated in their anger and it was channeled into racial animosity.

All the lies being told by cable news and radio was used by 45 to inflamed the rural class; and it worked like a charm. Sadly, southern and midwestern religious leaders had a strong hand in vindicating rural hate using parts of the Bible and the tradition of Jim Crow style indoctrination. Coastal Elites are now referred to as Globalist and “the Deep State,” along with all government agencies such as the CIA, FBI, TSA, IRS, FDA, CDC, EPA and any other agency that is ironically funding and protecting the deep pockets of rural poverty.

Rural voters have been convinced not to trust any of them so they have taken life upon themselves to find remedies and solutions that help them maintain their psychopathological views. They build shelters, stockpile guns, and train in the woods for the day they can start the Civil War against an enemy they have been convinced are depraved and satanic. The Coastal Elites are guilty of not doing enough to reverse this thinking in their rivals and seem to concentrate mostly on being funded by lobbyist who support their interest and padding their government pockets and salaries.

These elitist literally pay themselves salaries above six figures into seven figures to run bureaucratic agencies such as Human Services, Departments of Transportation, Water and Sanitation and other city services and welfare departments while keeping the working people at or below $75,000 a year, such as Police, First Responders and teachers are paid just enough to survive and service workers barely survive.

Unbeknownst, rural voters do not realize that among the Coastal Elites are their own representatives who hob knob with wealthy lobbyist and take bribes from political action committees and think tanks. It is not a struggle between race or cultures, or geographical areas more so than it is a struggle between the rich and the poor. When rural voters, and the urban also, discover who the real enemies are, they can begin to turn the country toward their favor.

The Solution

There is a saying among working people when they make suggestions that would make their work life easier, which is, “that would be too easy.” Implying that employers have no intension of improving work environments but only seem to make work harder. An easy solution to avoid a Civil War among the country would be to actually take care of the people instead of giving all the benefits to the wealthy class.

A husband and father of a household would be an idiot to drive a division between his family of 5. Most people want and desire unity instead of confusion and infighting in their homes and lives. However, half the politicians in this country are hell bent on overthrowing what they see as a tyrannical government, that they themselves control, instead of making life easier for its citizens like other civilized countries do.

Regulate the wealthy and stop pandering to them for handouts and bribes. Make sure there is clean water, edible food, affordable healthcare and a national system of education that teaches children how to be responsible citizens and critical thinkers. Teach them how to advance society instead of tearing it down with guns, hate, and civil unrest. Practice true justice and promote strong families and tolerance for other cultures instead of hate toward them.

Until this country reboots and learn the ways of civility and how to actually take care of a population, it will continue to thrive on hate and violence until the Civil War they want burns down the foundation. The foolishness of American politics has caused such a deep division in the country that those who are true cannot be distinguished from those who lie to, cheat, and steal from the American people.

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