How can a so-called civilized society function under the supposition of two different truths? What manner of twisted reality are we living in when a government that at one time relied on scientific research, data, and experiments all of a sudden come into question as to its scientific authenticity?

On one hand, vaccines were seen as a scientific breakthrough of the ages that helped the population defeat sickness and disease, written into history books and taught in medical schools, but overnight, that knowledge has been placed into question by a large percentage of people who suddenly ridicule the idea? How crazy is this.

Not even a few years ago, (2015) families with children and the elderly were regularly getting vaccinated for school, infancy shots, and flu and boasters, now, there is a movement conspiring to discredit vaccine safety altogether. Of course, before 2015, there was a small anti-vax community who became reluctant to the many vaccines that were being introduced to the public, but nothing like it is now, to the point where the CDC is being considered a rogue, unscientific government agency plotting to demonically mark the people.

They are being accused of poisoning the public with drugs that are making people drop dead in public, shake uncontrollably, and pass out on stage. Apparently, something infected the populous mindset with some misinformation that has changed the way we think as a civilized nation. In the current state, people are turning away from science and toward unproven remedies they hear about in an online social platform from people who have no degrees in medicine at all.

There is a clash of scientist and doctors, some who are publishing and proclaiming the harmful effects of vaccines and the work of the CDC and some who remain steadfast in traditional medical trials. Who are the public supposed to believe, and is there anyone who can clarify or even prove, with evidence, which theories are true? Does evidence even matter nowadays? Will those who have turned away from traditional medicine ever return to believing anything if it were proven?


The contradictions are so vast and confusing that the news media cannot honestly report on what the truth is because they themselves do not know. Politicians are contradicting one another about the science and campaigning on what they believe, misleading an entire voting block to vote for what could be the truth or something that is merely a huge lie. What is wrong with people? Do the ones who tell the lies willingly lie, or have they been lied too also, and if so by whom?

Marijuana is another topic that has the nation divided on its use and legality. While it is legal in some states it is illegal in others. On one hand it’s dangerous and on the other scientific hand it’s harmless. This is a major contradiction that has serious effects on the lives of those who use it recreationally and medically. The major disappointment here is that for years, people were going to jail because of the classification of Marijuana as a drug and now that classification has been wiped away in some places as if it never existed. What are kids supposed to believe when told to say no to drugs now?

How can a nation of the so-called most educated in the world be so divided on the use of a drug and whether to make it legal or not? After the hundreds of thousands of people who have been convicted for drug use and trafficking, the new legalization of weed should have nullified those convictions altogether. Why do those people remain behind bars and why do some still face charges? The basic question is, is weed dangerous or not? Some scientist say it is not and some say it is; who are we supposed to believe? What kind of Twilight Zone politics and science do we live under?

The same can be said for guns, cocaine, other class A, B, or C narcotics, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and those advertised on television. How do we know if the drugs themselves are not causing all the hyper-conspiracy thinking in the populous and the break in scientific intellect? The fact that government officials are uncovering information about space aliens is a good indication that this country has gone absolutely insane. Make it all make sense, please.

UPDATE: The courts cannot even agree on whether people should be allowed to come into the country or not. Courts defying one another is becoming normal thus the so-called rule of law is tossed back and forth like it has no meaning. “Texas’ migrant arrest law is back on hold after briefly taking effect.”

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