The next generation of conservatives are not Reagan or Goldwater Republicans, they are a new breed of populist nationalist groomed by the ideology of the 45th president. The ideology has switched from fiscal conservatism, Christian and family values to a defensive form of nationalism and international isolationism.

The old-head, good ole’ boy think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute and the RAND corporation, are aging out giving rise to a younger generation of conservatives who are organizing their own think tanks based on a harsher form of populism. The American Moment, a small but scrappy organization that’s quietly reshaping the conservative establishment in Washington.

Their ideology hinges on nationalism stemming from the policies of the new conservative MAGA movement, which include young (mostly white guys), waging war against the “deep state,” a term coined by the MAGA leader, which actually does not exist but are merely people who disagree with Republican policies.

In addition to this fabricated war that lives in their minds, they are organizing and “pumping out true believers in the sort of populist-nationalist conservatism that came into fashion during the Trump years: protectionism on trade, hawkishness on China, skepticism of neoconservative foreign policy interventionism, restriction on immigration — of both the legal and illegal varieties — and a fierce dedication to fighting the culture war.”

To break it down, populist nationalism means white supremacy; protectionism on trade means capitalism on steroids; hawkishness on China means more warmongering and plotting WWIII, skepticism of neoconservative foreign policy interventionism on trade means isolationism from the world (pulling out of NATO and other nation treaties); restriction on immigration means racism against people of color, and a fierce dedication to fighting the culture wars means ignoring the real problems that face the country and gaslighting the people while they plant new troops to take over the government. Their agenda is literally, “How to take over the federal government, one junior staff position at a time.”


The political battles that ensue in the country will be intensified if the other side, or those who want to keep American Democracy, do not prioritize, design and implement (quickly), a new agenda of their own, to maintain control of the government. If not, this country will come under the new conservative ideology year after year and end up a full-blown authoritarian nation by 2035.

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