The political party professing Christian beliefs are making laws that punish people who violate their bible-based ideologies enforced on the public.

In an attempt to bring God back into society, Texas politicians disregard righteousness and mercy or any solutions to problems that would inspire people toward better behavior but have taken to severe levels of punishment and even death instead.

They believe that they are doing God’s work by outlawing abortion, birth control, and lifestyles that defy God’s natural order for men and women, yet they cannot seem to bring themselves to handle the situation any better than brute beast who thrive on torture and eye for an eye vengeance.

Never mind imposing solutions that would change the mindsets and behaviors of people so they can see the wrong they are doing and give them a chance to understand the mercies of God instead of the wrath. But their limited understanding of the very Bible they seek to force unto people reveals they apparently do not know what they are doing and have been misled religiously and politically.

According to their latest proposed laws, “The Republican Party of Texas is considering a platform that appears to endorse the death penalty for abortion providers and patients. The proposal called for new legislation to solidify fetal personhood ideology into law, define abortion care as homicide and criminalize in vitro fertilization, first reported by feminist writer Jessica Valenti.


The 50-page document also includes a slew of other far-right ideas such as proclaiming that gender-affirming care is “child abuse,” requirements that Christianity and the Bible be taught in public schools and clarifies that Texas “retains the right to secede from the United States.”

They have not given any forethought to the consequences of their actions which have led to women being refused medical treatment for miscarriages and the fact that doctors are refusing to practice in Texas because of the fear of going to prison or now being put to death.

Not only that, but they are willing to take their laws and break from the rest of the country so they cannot be held accountable by government regulation and legal authority. By seceding from the nation, they are isolating themselves away from civilized society and are trying to seclude themselves to run an encampment of hostages.

They have legalized death for migrants crossing the border, women and doctors involved in abortion and birth control, and pass out guns to anyone who is of age. This is not Christianity or the ways of Jesus Christ, but a cult of madmen gone insane.

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