It was inevitable that at some point a parent would be charged for the act of a child that commits a school shooting, simply because the public refuses to put the blame where it absolutely belongs.

Politicians on one side of the isle refuses to enact basic gun laws and the other side cannot seem to bring themselves to ban guns altogether because of peer pressure and petty threats.

The shooters are held responsible only if they do not kill themselves or are killed by police after the shooting, so there is no accountability after the shooting. Parents and family members are left with funeral arrangements.

The police have escaped accountability as we seen in the Uvalde, AZ, school shooting and many other places police are too late arriving. And police unions cookie cutter press conferences that claim they did all they could do and followed protocol is nothing more than a cop-out.

Mental health is the new go-to issue that takes the blame but legislation to fund more mental health programs are being blocked in Congress as soon as they are suggested. So, apparently, the public have run out of options as to who to blame and who will take responsibility for a nation that has more guns on the street than citizens.


Now we turn to parents of kids who commit these crimes, and eventually, the family members of adults who commit these crimes will become suspect in the eyes of a jury. But this is not fair. Locking other people up is not going to stop the problem.

Politicians should be held accountable for the deaths and mass shootings being committed in the public sphere. They have neglected to stop these heinous acts simply because they are too afraid to succumb to a small crowd of gun lovers and second amendment advocates, and their bullyish threats.

These people hold massive power in their hands, along with their guns, and refuse to see the damage being done with unrestrained gun laws and a gun culture gone unchecked. However, the case of Jennifer Crumbley is apparently a means to an end of this long, troubled road.

Jennifer Crumbley is the mother of the Oxford school shooter responsible for the deaths of four students killed by her son?

The prosecution argues she is; the defense maintains she is not.

Before the jury decides this novel case — Crumbley is the first parent in America to be charged and tried in a mass school shooting.”

Key moments from trial

• During her testimony, Crumbley told jurors that she hadn’t seen anything to suggest that her son needed mental health treatment, that she never believed her son was a threat to others, and that she never refused to take him home after the meeting with school officials on the day of the shooting but was following the advice of school officials. She testified: “I wish he would have killed us instead.”

• Prosecutors, in seeking to show the Crumbleys were unconcerned about their son’s mental wellbeing and knew he was dangerous, cited the parents’ actions on the morning of the shooting, when they were summoned to the school over their son’s troubling drawing. Jennifer Crumbley sent her husband a messages on Facebook. She wrote “Emergency” and sent him a picture of the drawing. She also wrote: “He said he was distraught about last night” and “I’m very concerned headed to his school.” She testified that the night before the shooting, the couple had fought with their son over his falling geometry grades.

• Under questioning by the prosecution over why she never told school officials about the gun, which had just been purchased days earlier, Jennifer Crumbley testified she “didn’t think it was relevant.”

• The Crumbleys expressed regret over leaving their son in school. Prosecutors showed video of James and Jennifer Crumbley in a sheriff’s office substation hours after the shooting. Jennifer Crumbley said, “I really wish we …” “Would have taken him home,” her husband said, as they finished the sentence together. In a videotaped conversation with investigators, James Crumbley said the 9mm gun used in the shooting had been in a gun case, hidden in an armoire in their home and that the bullets were in a different spot. According to trial testimony, the bullets were hidden under some jeans in a drawer, and a key to the gun lock was hidden in a beer stein.

• There were multiple red flags at school before the shooting. An Oxford High School counselor testified there were several incidents involving Ethan Crumbley before the shooting — a teacher reported he had been falling asleep in class; he wrote an autobiography poem calling his family “a mistake”; just weeks before the shooting, a teacher said the teen was “having a rough time”; the day before the shooting he was researching bullets in class, and the day of the shooting he was seen watching videos of people being gunned down and then made a troubling drawing. Jennifer Crumbley testified that the school never alerted her about most of those problems, notifying her only about her son researching bullets, and the drawing.

• Texts about ghosts and the shooter needing help were used extensively. The prosecution sought to paint Jennifer Crumbley as a neglectful mother who was ignoring her son while she and her husband rode their horses, showing messages Ethan Crumbley had sent saying the house was haunted and he saw a demon throwing bowls. She testified her son had long thought the house was haunted and that he was “messing with us.” Prosecutors also showed texts the shooter sent to a friend about asking his parents for help. He told his friend that when he asked his dad to take him to the doctor he gave him pills and that his “mom laughed” when he told her. Jennifer Crumbley testified her son never asked her about seeing a doctor.

UPDATE:A Michigan jury found the mother of convicted school shooter Ethan Crumbley guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter Tuesday for the deaths of four students at Oxford High School in 2021.

The jury went home without a decision Monday, following hours of deliberations, and returned to the Michigan court Tuesday.

Prosecutors argued during the trial that Jennifer Crumbley was grossly negligent when she did not tell school officials that her family had guns — which included the 9 mm handgun used by her son at a shooting range just days before the Nov. 30, 2021, deadly shooting.”

In so many words, the mother is being blamed for the murder of four students because all roads to stop gun violence has been exhausted by the public and politicians. The buck is stopping at her because politicians are too incompetent to take control of the matter.

This means that in the near future and if the situation is not taken control of by law, many people will see prison sentences because someone they love have committed a mass shooting. This is not supposed to be but this is where we are in a country that idolizes guns.

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