The American voters have been told for decades to write or call their legislators and representatives in office to voice their opinions about policies and laws. But to no avail, because they are not the ones who conceive, write, or pass the laws.

When will people wake up to the truth about this government. Money talks and money makes the rules about how you live. According to a report on dark money and political corruption, “…the American Legislative Exchange Council, known as ALEC…everyone should know about it because for decades millions of Americans have been living under laws that ALEC had a direct hand in. And those laws are overwhelmingly friendly to corporations and disastrous for regular people.”

Laws written that protect private prisons and the school to prison pipeline that cycles children into the justice system at early ages; laws that dis-empower consumers against corporations who gouge their earnings in food and gas prices, remove protections on safe foods and drinking water, overpriced healthcare cost and home mortgages are included in the protections of corporations against the people. All designed by ALEC law-makers.

They get away with this because they appeal to their investors and right-wing conservative voters by promising them more private prisons for Blacks and Hispanics, the disenfranchisement of minority voters, and the overturning of social and cultural norms such as abortion and homosexuality, and pubic school board takeovers, but eventually they too, are being dis-empowered on many issues, which leads to them voting against their and their children’s own interest.

ALEC has mastered the art of churning out cookie-cutter model bills that are adopted, often word for word, by conservative state legislatures. And it’s all bought and paid for by corporations and billionaires that are only too happy to help draft laws that are great for their bottom line and bad for us. Incredibly, hundreds — maybe thousands — of bills have been passed this way. 


Worst of all, it’s a business model that depends not only on millions in corporate money but on local right-wing legislators who are willing to take orders directly from big business instead of actually working for their constituents.“

The law-making model does not represent the so-called Democracy proclaimed to the public in political speeches by men seeking to control the country, they are the makings of an Oligarchy society run by the wealthy who empower politicians on their behalf. The voting public must demand that Citizens United be reversed and laws are passed on campaign finance reform. If not, the future of the children will be in the hands of billionaires and corporations.

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