With a flat-out admission “that he would encourage [Russia] to do whatever the hell they want” to countries that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) if those countries are, in his words, “delinquent,” if the Supreme Court of the United States rules in this man’s favor, in any case, they are as corrupt and mentally challenged as he is.

This mafia-style rule is sure to bring a change to world powers and leave the US in an unpredictable position; possibly vulnerable to any enemies and at odds with any allies. This is reckless, incompetent, and against any so-called standard of American governance.

With the love of money as his motive and no regard for historical precedence, this man is acting wholly on the part of wealthy, self-serving psychopaths who could care less about the state of humanity. And also fulfilling the blood-thirst of millions of uneducated, white supremacists who cannot see beyond their own self arrogance and egoism; who ignorantly follow and hang on his every idiotic word.

They will get exactly what is coming to them one way or another and it will not be what they expected. Who knows what plans any rogue country has in store for the US, who has bottomed out their economies, murdered their families, and stolen their resources.

Thank God people with common sense and a basic sense of justice can see that this man is not joking and is a threat to the future of this country. No need for law degrees or judicial credentials, this is law 101. This man’s name should not be on the 2024 ballot and given any consideration as the next president.


Now that this case is going before the Supreme Court and mainstream media is completely ignoring the red flags and doing the bidding of the wealthy by talking as if there a possibility the court will rule in his favor, the people should be quite pissed with the process and the theater behind it. This is a tragic end to a once stable country, in all its flaws, however, they at least held to a supreme standard of rule of law.

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