Police erratically and cowardly killing people has gone too far. There is no civil justification for this type of behavior from anyone, let alone so-called trained professionals. And not one politician has a damn thing to say about it or has tried to put an end to this barbarianism. They are worthless pieces of crap.

In two separate killings of May 2 and 3rd, police senselessly killed two men of color for no reason at all except for their own bigoted pleasure; and they will probably not be held accountable by this systemically racist justice system. What a damn shame on a country who claims to be civilized.

On May 3, “a Florida sheriff’s deputy shot dead Roger Fortson, a Black 23-year-old senior Air Force airman who answered the banging on his door with his legally owned pistol pointed at the floor.” A day later, “Parents in Los Angeles’ Koreatown called for mental health help in the middle of their son’s bipolar episode this month. Clinical personnel showed up — and so did police shortly after.

Police fatally shot Yong Yang, 40, who had a knife in his hand, less than 10 seconds after officers opened the door to his parents’ apartment where he had locked himself in, newly released bodycam video shows.”

They do not even try to defuse or get any type of understanding of either situation before they acted on their racist instincts and decided to end their life, who apparently are not white. Guaranteed, if these were white guys, like the public has seen in so many instances, they would have talked him down and bought him a meal afterward. This is a horrendous show of human bigotry.


No living white human being calling themselves a public servant can ever claim that this country is not racist as hell. The tragedy is no one has even attempted to make change. They have not proposed legislation to restructure police departments but have given them even more tools of military grade weaponry to kill even more people, in crowds, and the immunity behind it.

Even American citizens are standing behind this genocidal act of individual racial killings of people of color when they defend these bigots. They claim the victim should comply or make up some excuse based on scant evidence and distorted logic despite video evidence of a murder in plain sight. They have been trained in the art of serious denial and capital bigotry by the best of human butchers.

This country is being judged because it is full of hate and unbridled racism. People are tired of losing loved ones to cops who have total immunity for simply murdering people of color for no damn reason other than white pride and sport. God hates racism, murder, and ignorance inside humanity. And this country wonders why they are suffering such horrible misfortunes and a serious breakdown.

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