The twisted logic behind why people believe it is a good or caring idea to allow teachers to have guns is bewildering. Apparently, some believe that a good person with a gun is the only answer to a bad person with a gun. What happened to the idea that two wrongs do not make a right?

In an authoritarian move to fight gun violence and school shootings, “Republican lawmakers in Tennessee advanced a proposal to allow some teachers to carry handguns on public school grounds, a move that would mark one of the state’s biggest expansions of gun access since a deadly shooting at a private elementary school last year.”

A few years ago, “Florida’s legislature passed a bill allowing teachers to carry guns in the classroom, expanding a program launched after the deadly high school shooting in Parkland with the aim of preventing another such massacre.”

The move only expands paramilitary policing by putting the power to kill in the hands of an average citizen; a form of vigilante justice. The chance of a teacher actually shooting and killing an armed gunman is slim to none, given so many circumstances that could arise during a shootout.

Innocent people could get shot in the crossfire, the teacher could get killed for retaliating against the shooter, and the teacher may even shoot the wrong person; in addition to the police killing the teacher by mistaking them for the shooter. This is the dumbest idea ever.


“Despite sweeping, coordinated efforts after the shooting to persuade Tennessee’s Republican-dominant statehouse to enact significant gun control measures, lawmakers have largely balked at such calls. They’ve dismissed proposals on the topic by Democrats – and even one by the Republican governor – during regular annual sessions and a special session.

Several parents of Covenant School students watched on in opposition to the bill.

It is so extremely disappointing, just as a mother,” said Mary Joyce, one of the Covenant mothers. “We’re very disappointed at how things went today, and we can absolutely do way better.”

Violence breeds violence and tensions will definitely rise between students, parents and teachers.

Once teachers get their hands on a gun and are given a higher level of authority over their students, they are going to become overconfident and more aggressive. Students, in return, will become either resentful or feel stressed after the first incident of a teacher threatening a student because of their behavior. Not to mention the racial disparity.

God forbid a white teacher feels threatened or fear for their lives while in the presence of a classroom full of Black students. The teacher could lose all control of their mental faculties and kill the whole classroom. Though this is a scary thought, it would not be a surprise.
This country has literally lost their bearing on reality, humanity, and common sense.

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