People have misrepresented the original, Constitutional meaning of free speech and infiltrated it with lies and misinformation within news articles and social media post, calling it free speech.

Freedom of speech means the ability to speak up against tyranny and all false information spread throughout society, or as defined by scholars, “the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc.”

Freedom of speech is good and constitutional as long as lies, violence, and rebellion against government is not included. One such social media platform has denigrated the meaning of freedom of speech so badly that anyone can say whatever they want, including libel rhetoric, violence and rebellion against government, and unchecked lies and misinformation.

One most widespread lie is that non-citizens can vote in elections. This is not true at all. An existing law, 18 USC 611, prohibits voting by aliens in presidential elections. However, the platform has turned the truth into a lie and the concept of free speech into a cesspool of hate and fearmongering.

What is disheartening about it is that the owner rigorously fights for this distorted view of free speech and has convinced his followers that he is fighting for a worthy cause. This tragedy only validates people to degrade others, tell lies, and threaten people and their families without consequences. The problem is, no one can seem to siphon through this trash and call it what it really is, hate speech and vitriol propaganda.


Money is now considered freedom of speech. Speech comes from the mouth, not the wallet. Speech from the wallet corrupts justice. Protest is freedom of speech. Oppressors of free speech try to outlaw protest. Art is free speech. Letters to the editor is freedom of speech; to not speak at all in resistance to persecution is freedom of speech, but lies are lies and are sins against humanity. Anyone who substitutes lies for speech is an agent of chaos and lawlessness and have no intentions of abiding by the law.

Truth is the foundation of freedom of speech, and resistance to tyranny and lies stands under the banner of truth. To favor lies as free speech over the truth is a denial to the conventional foundation of a true Republic. People who resist truth should be silenced and should never be given recognition as a legitimate voice. Silencing those who spew lies and hate is not an act of cancel culture or tyranny, it is the act of upholding truth and civility in society.

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