When will police departments, particularly police unions, going to be federally forced to make changes to how they train their officers and face accountability for their misdeeds? The body cam laws made a difference yet police officers remain defiant, aggressive, and at times violent toward citizens for no reason other than police power trips and incompetence.

In Ohio, a woman’s house was raided by a team of police with a warrant for someone who did not live there for over a year; flash-bombed the place, and left her 1-year-old baby suffering from wounds and chemical toxins. They have yet to release the body cam video of course and are stalling like always.

In Florida, a man dressed in only a swim suit had police pull weapons on him, arrest him and later released him, after he called them for help when another guy pulled a gun on him. WTH? The officer who pulled the gun suddenly fell ill once the other arriving officers realized the guy was harmless and they made a mistake.

However, when situations like this happen, all around the country, the police department either stall with evidence of their wrong doing, do not reply to request for comment, or simply lie about the situation. Once the public and local media forget it all happened, more often than not, the Police Unions do an investigation themselves and find the officers justified in their behavior.

By that time, the public and news coverage has moved on and the cop gets away with the most heinous of civil crimes against people’s civil rights. Follow-ups are rarely reported by the same media that profiled the case. This has got to stop. Again, the body cam laws helped catch the police in all the lies they were telling before the cams, but they still have a problem with not just training, but the psychological problems police seem to have and changing their ways toward policing the public.


They are shooting and sometimes killing children, accusing people of crimes when they are clearly innocent, and making huge mistakes like raiding the wrong house, abusing people, and killing folks for no reason. In fact, Mississippi just released a story about graves of people buried behind the police station. What is that all about? To what extreme will law enforcement go to hide their crimes against humanity?

We now know that many police officers become police because they have deep-seated ego problems, a biased against the community they patrol, or they are simply incompetent and without regard for public safety. They say the wheels of justice move slow, but the damage has been done. We officially live in an unadulterated police state.

Instead, Congress members and politicians are spending tax-payers money on investigating each other, splurging on campaigns, and investing money into stocks on insider information. In the meantime, average, hardworking people are forced to pray after they have been pulled over, and go broke trying to sue police departments for their negligence.

Community groups and leaders seriously need to come together and fight the police unions in their cities and towns. Anyone can be reasoned with when faced with a dilemma that involves public safety and the rights of citizens. But if the police union leaders cannot be reached with reason, it means they just don’t care. More power to the police, but this is getting out of hand. Take responsibility and make a change.

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