Here is a breakdown of the psychology of reverse racism in America:

At one time the Democrats were the most racist party in America, (called the Dixiecrats who opposed school integration) and the Republicans were the more race-tolerant party, who as widely claimed “set the slaves free.”

But out of nowhere the Democrats signed the Civil Rights Act in 1965 that hushed race discrimination in public, but it did not stop it in private or in the minds of those who opposed it, mainly Republicans and some Dixiecrats of the old southern Democratic Party. Why the switch is still a mystery, but it leaves a nasty taste of a co-op operation in the mouth.

First, it was legal to call a Black person the N-word loud and clear in public, and to treat Blacks like they were an interruption to the lives of white folk, subject to being sneered at and ignored. Then some energy made white folks realized they were ungodlike and uncivilized in behavior; they made laws against such behavior as social discrimination.

Then the N-word became the “N-word,” and was socially prohibited in public and general conversation, but it lingered at the back of white minds dying to get out of their mouths, but only spoken in like-minded company. The year 2008, when Obama became president, this was the last straw to whites who could not get the word out fast enough. Then it became political and reverse racism started trending.


Regardless of all that, what is confusing is why now are the Republicans calling the Democrats racist because they write laws and offer programs that assist Blacks and immigrants who are at a low-income level, (same laws and programs that help low-income whites). They say the Dems treat Blacks as if the Black community cannot do for themselves, which is supposed a form of pity racism. They say taking advantage of those programs when in need makes Blacks and anyone else government dependents, which proves the Dems are racist and want to keep Blacks at the bottom by making them take handouts. But they do not say this about the overwhelming population of whites who take assistance.

The confusion comes in behind their logic. If a certain people needed help because they were being held back by race discrimination, and that people took advantage of the help, which came first, the racism by discrimination or the racism by help? The logic is seriously flawed yet they insist on transmitting it to the public as if it has some validity.

How can a person be considered an oppressor if they want to help someone who has been oppressed, or left out of mainstream society? On the other hand, if the purpose of the Democrats offering assistance were to keep Blacks at a low-income level on purpose, it would make sense, and that is most likely because many Black activist have claimed that in the past. In fact, some have theories that suggest both political parties work together to enact such socially neutralizing tactics in a coordinated plan to keep Blacks down. But this theory falls apart because the Democrats totally ignored rural white America for decades. In fact, both parties ignored them.

Now, if the oppression in the form of race discrimination was never an issue and never existed, then there would have been no need for assistance programs and protection by law, now would there? So how can race discrimination be eliminated on both political sides, and everyone can live according to the content of their character? In America, this is not possible because racism and wealth drives both political parties as fuel to stay in power. As long as this country is a diverse country, there will be racism with whites always pulling the strings of the law to remain on top.

Another form of psycho-reverse racism is when Republicans say that teaching or reading about slavery is racist. Their logic says that the mention of slavery or the country’s’ discriminatory past keeps the subject in the forefront of the public and undermines the achievements of Blacks, which makes the Democrats racist, and that no one should be judged or discussed on the color of their skin, (meaning, they as white people should not be judged either). But neither does that logic hold ground seeing that slavery was a real fact and the longest stretch of American history. It cannot be ignored as long as private discrimination exist.

Meanwhile, Republicans lead in reversing Civil Rights laws and protections claiming they are not needed any longer because racism does not exist. They eliminated assistance programs for the poor claiming everyone can be rich because of opportunity, yet at the same time the 13th amendment is still written into the Constitution and is used against Blacks who are unjustly railroaded into private prisons. They persecute immigrants by not welcoming them, but separating their families at the border and cage their children. And both them and other people of color are being systemically purged from voter rolls.

The case of immigration and reverse diversity right now is all a part of that system of staying on top. So, this system of musical racism is always in need of people of color. And as long as there are people of color, there will be someone who is accused of racism, in either political party, including those who claim to fight to protect the oppressed. So goes the psychology of reverse racism. It is an everlasting game of pass the brown people around and if we, whites, cannot stay on top, we will cry racism. Soon, however, the animal farm will flip and the oppressed will become the oppressor.

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