Corporations are a vindictive bunch. Anytime workers take a step toward a win for their rights (which is rare), corporations somehow turn the tables two steps back.

Since president FDR’s New Deal, which gave workers the right to unionize and bargain for higher wages, corporations of late such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Musk’s SpaceX, are challenging the constitutionality of those basic worker’s rights, which eventually take cases to the Supreme Court. has joined rocket maker SpaceX and grocery chain Trader Joe’s in claiming that a U.S. labor agency’s in-house enforcement proceedings violate the U.S. Constitution, as the retail giant faces scores of cases claiming it interfered with workers’ rights to organize.”

“The growing number of challenges to the labor board make it more likely the issue will reach the U.S. Supreme Court, whose conservative majority has signaled its skepticism of other U.S. agencies’ in-house proceedings.”

“Workers still clearly have the right to strike, but the Court’s decision opens the floodgates for employers to weaponize financially burdensome state court litigation as a pressure tactic against workers and unions.”


But these rights are not only for the right to unionize, to strike, and for higher wages, but laws for fair working hours, off days, work-life balance and safe working conditions. These three major corporations will open the door for smaller businesses to degrade workers rights if the courts side with them.

Voters complain about the economy and prices, but the bottom line is how workers are treated and whether they will get a living wage. If workers are able to afford the cost of living, the economy would not be much of a complaint. But voters are being gaslit by politicians who are funded by corporations to make laws in their favor.

The dissolution of unions came about through Republican effort in the Reagan era to weaken workers and benefit corporations. Any political party that offers help to the working class should be supported by voters. The choice is not that hard. Why would workers vote for candidates that bargain for corporations who want to diminish their rights in the workforce?

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