Remember, more than 80% of Christians voted for Trump. Evangelical church leaders and pew members support his policies and his personality, which is unwavering racist. They lie when they say they support his policies only, they are all for his hateful rhetoric and threats against Democracy and innocent people. They love his racism, lude derogatory remarks toward others, and his mob-like leadership style. These people claim to be Christians?

They are the racist dry bones of the U.S., who have been given life by a demonic force, a voice with a little power and chance to brutally rule over the rest of the country; enacting vengeance on their imaginary enemies through torture and violence. Christianity is trampled on by these people and the confession to knowing and understanding the Bible is a boldface lie. Their leaders, politicians and preachers, are nothing more than bigots quoting scripture to the blasphemy of God.

The last statements by their authoritarian leader were quotes to “root out the Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our Country.” His supporters loved it and the religious leaders keep silent. They praise this type language toward a make-believe people this man has made up for the glory of taking power. It is all lies.

None of this is justified by God. The preachers are wrong. They are reprobate in mind and heart and know not the ways of God. When they and their supporters hear words like, “immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” echoing similar phrasing used by Adolf Hitler” they revel in the madness believing they are standing behind a strong man that will lead them to a new, white world order.

However, this mindset has led them not only into a state of mental perdition bound for an asylum, but set them on the path to hell, being in eternal separation from God and all sense of goodness and grace. The words this man speaks and his supporters praise are not godly words or words that Christ would use to promise a blessed and prosperous nation. These are the words of a deranged, hateful and unforgiving person.


According to mainstream polls, “Many likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers have no issue with several of Trump’s recent controversial statements, a new Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa Poll has found — and more often than not, they say the same statements make them more likely to support the former president.

According to the survey results, 42% of likely GOP caucusgoers said Trump’s “poisoning the blood” rhetoric makes them more likely to support the former president’s candidacy. The same poll found that 43% of likely Republican caucusgoers are more likely to support him because of his fascistic references to American “vermin.”

The data dovetails with a national Fox News poll that asked respondents: Some people say things in the U.S. are so far off track that we need a president willing to break some rules and laws to set things right, while others say the president should always follow the rules and laws. Which comes closest to your view?

The survey found that 30% of self-identified Trump voters — nearly a third — were on board with a president who operates outside “rules and laws.

But as Republican politics becomes more radical, the party’s voters don’t boo words like “vermin” and “poisoning the blood”; they applaud such language and want to hear more of it.”

Many will roll their eyes and say the fake news media is lying and trying to discredit an otherwise good man. But words do not lie. Votes do not lie, and the actions of a deranged crowd of supporters storming a government building do not lie. The lie is in the hearts and minds of those who want the country to turn toward the favor of hate and vengeance, and to bend the road of redemption toward crookedness instead of trying to make the crooked places straight. (Isaiah 45).

The hate is real. The racism is real, and the people who desire to take power based on those characteristics are people bound for destruction in their own lives, and setting the stage for a broken nation and a tumultuous future for their children. What is more disgusting are the religious leaders who stand behind this hate by saying and doing nothing to stop it. It is their silence that has brought guilt and shame to their judgment.

Another disgusting fact is that there is no one who has the understanding nor leadership skills to combat and redirect this foolishness of an apostate Christian Nationalist fantasy. No political leaders have the courage, intellect or will to take a stand and set the mentality of the country on the right path. They are all sleeping to the tune of corporate bribes and the luxuries of being set aside from the vermin.

It will take a miracle to fix what this man has broken and to blot out the lies the biblical religious leaders of this country has allowed to fester in the minds and hearts of millions; Thank God, there are some people who can see through the BS and fight like hell to save what is left of this stained nation rooted in hate and bigotry. Amen.

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