Yet another lie told to U.S. citizens about this experiment called Democracy. Maybe we were not listening in class, or just assumed that the Supreme Court, or any court with a judge, was a non-political entity and were not supposed to take sides on political agendas.

Or maybe over the years – from the late 80s to now – the rules have changed, or the ethical standards have diminished because of corruption. The corruption of course, coming from dark money being funneled to the top of the judicial system from underground.

Judges are supposed to be nonpartial in judgement when it comes to deciding the laws of government policy from either political party, the Republicans, or the Democrats. That is obviously a lie when considering the past Supreme Court rulings over the last 20 years.

The court has made a series of key rulings in recent decades that have handed Republicans major advantages, including:

• The Bush v. Gore decision to block a recount in Florida in 2000 and award George W. Bush the presidency.
• The Citizens United ruling of 2010 that was rocket fuel for the political influence of wealthy donors and corporations.
• A 2013 ruling written by Chief Justice John Roberts that gutted the Voting Rights Act and cleared the way for voter suppression laws.


A 2019 pro-gerrymandering ruling also written by Roberts that let political parties draw election maps to their unfair advantage. (The court takes the position that it can strike down gerrymandering if it’s done for racially discriminatory reasons rather than partisan ones, but a ruling last week written by Alito kneecapped the ability of plaintiffs to prove racial bias.)”

How is a country supposed to operate lawfully when the highest court in the land – and many lower courts – favors the party who contributes the most money to their own personal coffers? How can there be any true representation of citizenry when the government collects our taxes but ignore our voices? What kind of so-called Democracy is this?

A fair presidential election process is in question; openly knowing that those with money, corporations can buy politicians and write their own policies, and realizing that every vote does not count because some people are simply sore losers, is psychologically shocking. This is not a government for the people, but for those who are wealthy and in power. What a sham and a shame.

Even today, the Supreme Court is seriously considering if a president can supersede the law while individual citizens must abide. This is pathetic and a violation of human decency. At the current time, it seems as though the public could care less how the courts operate and will soon find out the hard way; justice is not served fairly to everyone.

In reality, there are some political philosophers today that want to revisit the purpose of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. A change in either starts with the Supreme Court. In theory, they believe that “the only function of government should be to protect people’s rights, not to pursue “social justice,” environmentalism, racial equality, or any other goal that calls for the use of coercion against peaceful individuals.”

This seems to be the direction in which this country is headed. To deconstruct the government the last three generations are used to and turn it toward a more authoritarian society. The problem with this is those who seek this change are making the change too fast and will face soon to come massive rebellion by the public.

If they change the concept of government, they will have to change the mindset of the new generations to make them believe the change is needed and an acceptable form governing. This task will be the hardest to do because their scope of support is limited to their own personal blindness. They think a majority of the public are behind them but will soon realize most people are not only opposed to this change, but they are simply asleep and have not yet awaken to what is happening.

When they awake, there will be such a revolution that those who sought to make the change will have to run and hide from a mass movement against their attempt to change their lives and the lives of their children’s future. They should have simply strengthened the remaining government structure under fairness and left well enough alone.

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