First and foremost, both agendas will ultimately fail because Christian nationalism mocks God and white supremacy is an abomination, because He created all men in His image. The repercussions behind God’s vengeance is why the country is currently in the shape it is, i.e., mass shootings, drugs, political corruption and injustice, and a broken cultural landscape. Nevertheless, digressing from religion.

These agendas will fail because humanity generally advances in intelligence over time. Unfortunately, the men and women leading American society today are stuck in a vacuum of the past and in a self-centered illusion of selfishness and greed. Following in the footsteps of their forefathers, today’s leaders have not advanced beyond violence and greed in an effort to maintain power.

The difference between today’s leaders and the founders of this country, however, is the leaders today do not actually believe in their agenda. When they speak of policy, it is not based on inspiration of a vision of bettering society or advancing the country, but empty phrases and talking points meant to inspire further violence and greed. They are out of ideas and lack their forefather’s vision.

The motivation behind their rhetoric comes from pure hate against people of color. From the time a Black man became president compounded by trump announcing his presidency in 2016, to the political policies introduced afterward by members of the wealthy, white supremacy, Christian nationalist congress, state legislators and governors, there has never been a vision for the betterment of the country, but a plot to overthrow the country and neutralize people of color.

This agenda has led to constant social protest, mass shootings of people of color, erasure of Black history and incentives to promote racial harmony by falsifying documents, facts, history books, Christian teachings, and imposing laws that restrict Blacks from using their freedom of speech, assembly and constitutional rights. They cloak this agenda in politics overshadowed by homophobia, abortion rights and in the interest of protecting their children, but this is all lies. Their agenda is hate, violence, and greed.


However, the calls to violence by their messiah have gone unanswered since January 6th (when he lost half his supporters), except for the few lone wolves who sacrifice their own lives under the delusion of patriotism, and the police officers who take it upon themselves to implement murder disguised as law and order when they beat, brutalize and kill Black men and women, and other people of color.

Though state legislators propose and attempt to pass draconian laws rolling back civil and human rights, the people are rejecting these laws via the ballot box time and again. Even with the support of the Supreme Court, the people are rejecting the authoritarian agenda being pushed by these power-hungry anarchists. The Revolution is coming.

The ultimate backfire is when their children begin to reject the medieval agenda knowing consciously better than to oppress innocent people for no other reason than hate and greed. This is usually how humanity advances to a higher level of intelligence and ungodly governments are destroyed. The stupidity of fools always fail.

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