Some issues are obvious but are chosen to be ignored and never discussed, while other issues are irrelevant yet are nonstop as the topic of daily conversation or national news. In a society that neglectfully cast off serious problems and touch on them merely as public disclaimers, any resolution is far fetched and life is perpetually lived beneath unspoken realities.

Though not featured constantly as a primetime special on cable news or in any grocery store tabloid, we know that Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas. We know that the Americas were stolen from underneath the indigenous peoples who inhabited them and pillaged for the simple pleasures of a people starved for identity. Yet we go on believing, teaching our children, and celebrating otherwise.

Though not broadcasted via satellite or publicized as part of the emergency broadcasting system, we know that racism in the form of hatred for people of color exist: segregation by demographics based on money, education, and skin color are real, and it determines the destiny of the lives of millions of people, which makes equal opportunity a bold-faced lie.

Facts and statistics are published to protect a certain ideology, not to disprove that ideology. It can be proven by stats that unemployment is up or that home loans to Blacks and Hispanics are up, but rarely is it proven that at the same time, whites’ situation improved double, which actually reveals no change.

Alternatively, we read that Black youth are suffering drastically at the mercy of the educational and prison systems but never read nor is it proven that just as many Black youth succeed through the opportunities provided them, many Black families are strong, and Black men are responsible providers of their children. Therefore it is all about public perception and propaganda.


There is no mention, study, or solution put forth to end the practices of how many judges, lawyers and police officers who harbor racist mentalities toward Black youth react in like manner when coming in contact with one. Neither is there mention of the hundreds of thousands of white women who secretly feel hatred and fear toward Black men for no good reason other than public misinformation.

Secret societies hide behind signs and symbols regulating social justice, politics, and economic expansion excluding certain peoples by district, government boundaries, and bureaucratic red tape. Daily injustices in small towns go unreported and unchallenged by the greater society because no one knows about it.

Loans are made, favors are done, fees are waived, fines go un-imposed on people who deserve punishment; friends are promoted, perceived enemies are fired based on personal feelings, beliefs and prejudices rather than company policy or basic ethics.

Researchers do not research it and scholars do not publish it, but we know that Jamal did not get that job because suburban Bobby’s folks have a vested interest in his future success. Everyone can plainly see that suburban schools get more government funding than urban schools thus determining the outcome of a student’s quality of education furthermore determining their career. And equal opportunity is a lie.

It is apparent that white men are paid more than white women, Black men, and Black women. Start-dates do not determine pay increases; eye, hair, and skin color does, we know this to be true, just unspoken of, unreported, or discussed on the senate floor, so affirmative action was always a lie.

Something is very suspicious when a certain group of people [of color] suddenly come down with the most deadly disease in U.S. history without collectively practicing the behavior that breeds the disease. It may be investigated in a primetime special but never are the hard questions asked and if they are, they are glossed over and masked with institutional rhetoric and afterward dismissed into the socially forgotten sea of real issues. And life goes on.

Who knows what goes on behind the closed doors and secret chambers of white men in power? What wheels are really in motion pertaining to the future of America and the many cultural factions that occupy it? What is the real value of the U.S. dollar, how much is the country really in depth, and how much do we really know about insider trading, stocks and the commodity exchange market?

Instead of being informed with needed truths, the public is fed Hollywood bull, endless distractions away from important issues with stories of suburban housewives and their daily, petty struggles in suburban America such as how to make time for their children, wedding plans, chosen wardrobes, and health issues that plague only the genetic make up of the European.

We hear about issues that face the higher socialites; rich, educated, white male, female, or family as a default to handling life problems. Never are life’s problems identified with any other class of society such as the low to moderate income, urban Black or Hispanic families, or any other people of color. Every issue is a white one and relates to a white lifestyle or way of thinking. And it is from these stories other cultures measure themselves by and pattern their lives after. And cultural assimilation is a lie.

Issues that lie at the root of America’s problems are never addressed for a solution to be applied, but are swept to the side in a serious state of denial. If these issues were addressed it means the white power structure would have to confront their prejudices and racism because the majority of America’s problems stem from white racism, so Black infiltrators are real too.

However, before they were to face themselves, they would rather avoid the issue and apply unproductive solutions that never solve the problem but actually create more problems for more people. Afterward, white scholars have to fabricate studies and statistics that justify their negligence and many people accept these lies as fact thus further destroying the very fabric of morality.

If possible – and becoming a reality – whites will shift the blame of social immorality on to Blacks or any other people non-white so to relieve themselves and ease their consciences of guilt, judgment, and finally damnation. Such as in the case of claims of terrorism against the United States, and the hundreds of warnings against invasions, caravans, and poisoning the land.

Let us know that American society will rot to hell because of apathetic negligence on the part of the white power structure, not because of Blacks, Hispanics, or Jews, but because white America lies through life daily and the people suffer in a world of hidden, ignored, and unspoken realities.

DISCLAIMER: The content of Pro Liberation is firmly opinionated and is not meant to be interpreted as official news. We glean facts and quotes from mainstream news websites and abridge its meaning for readers to relate. We do not indulge in misinformation, conspiracy theories, or false doctrine but choose to express our right to free speech as citizens of this country and free born under God the Creator. We represent Nu Life Alliance Inc. a non-profit organization in the battle for social and economic justice. Donate to our cause at the following link. DONATE



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