Who says crime don’t pay? This is more than a warning to the validity of the American justice system; it is an admission that the wealthy are the most crooked and depraved bunch of folks in the world.

According to Reuters, “Hotelier Robert Bigelow told Reuters on Tuesday he gave Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump $1 million for his legal fees and agreed to donate another $20 million to a pro-Trump outside group for campaign purposes.”

What did the justice department say or do? Notta. In fact, they said, “It acts without political bias.” We live in freaking Russia people.

Bigelow may have the benefit of the doubt in that he can do what he wants with his money, but the motivation behind his gift to this criminal says a lot about those who have wealth in this country. This should be illegal on every level, aiding and abetting a criminal.

No one standing trial right now for any criminal act receives that type of help (or even attention), from a billionaire. Regular people, accused and sometimes convicted of stuff they did not even do suffer at the hands of a justice system that serves the wealthy only.


This country is cursed with a curse and those who feed into its transgressions against the poor has a day coming they will regret. They cannot hide in the rocks or under the ground because they will cry out for those rocks to fall on them in a desperate longing for death instead of living under the hell that is coming their way.

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