Threatening to imprison a librarian for issuing a book – they did not write – to a child, is a blatant abuse of power. This is the stupid equivalent of giving a teacher a gun to shoot a school shooter in front of her students, or calling the police on and arresting a child for having a temper tantrum. America’s lawmakers are apparently obsessed with law and order to a draconian degree.

Never mind actually teaching people the correct way to problem solve, negotiate or defusing small matters, just jump right into law, order and punishment. Disregard understanding, compassion, second chances or common sense, use the military training and weaponry the government has awarded us with to deter criminal activity of librarians, teachers, and bad kids.

This is the current mindset in this country that has taken to total police state tactics to govern the public. According to a report; “Across the country, book challenges and bans have soared to the highest levels in decades. Public and school-based libraries have been inundated with complaints from community members and conservative organizations such as Moms for Liberty. Increasingly, lawmakers are considering new punishments — crippling lawsuits, hefty fines, and even imprisonment — for distributing books some regard as inappropriate.”

First, the community members and the Moms for Liberty movement who is pushing this neighborly arrest of public and school libraries fall in line with the next age of white rage from people who are lacking in self-esteem. They have to vindicate themselves by punishing other people to a ridiculous extent of the law. Instead of simply removing the books and giving the teacher or librarian a verbal warning or a write-up at work, they see fit to imprison them or break them financially.

Though the librarian may have kids themselves, and a year away from that child in prison or financial ruin would damage the child mentally, they are doing this out of concern for the other children they feel they are protecting from literary smut. How clever to destroy one child to save another. Same with teachers packing small arms. Let’s risk the life of a teacher and her family at home, to save other kids from being gun down because our police departments are too incompetent to do their jobs.


“Already this year, lawmakers in more than 15 states have introduced bills to impose harsh penalties on libraries or librarians. “The laws are designed to limit or remove legal protections that libraries have had for decades,” says Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom.”

So, what happened within the decades society has been functioning that this is needed to make change? Inappropriate reading material is what. Never mind that life itself can sometimes be inappropriate as people grow and learn hard truths by seeing things with their own eyes that are probably written in those books; drug use, same-sex couples holding hands at the mall, racial epithets being yelled at Black high school ball players, or reading the news about children being trafficked by wealthy perverts.

It is notable that people do not want their children being exposed to inappropriate literature, especially sexually explicit material, but what happened to the fight and right of free speech that protects the hate speech, lies, and misinformation spewed by bigoted podcasters, radio host, celebrities and television news anchors? What about the porn industry of streaming services and websites that has already infected the minds of the children before and after school?

In other words, how do these people think they are protecting children from a society flooded with immorality, child abuse, and video games that push even worse filth into their children’s minds? When will video game developers and porn websites publishers face hard time for publishing the same type smut these new age authoritarians believe are in library books?

“Until recently, police and prosecutors were unable to pursue charges against public libraries over materials that make certain individuals uncomfortable. These exemptions have prevented spurious prosecutions of teachers over health and sexuality curriculum, art, theater, and difficult subjects in English classes,” stated a 2023 report from EveryLibrary, a national political action committee that opposes censorship.”

Yeah, they could not wait to dismantle decades old laws and protections so they can enforce prison sentences on book worms. These librarian deviants make people uncomfortable by completing the check out process to a child who choose to read a book of their choice, which might turn that child into a homosexual, a pro-Black activist, or a trans-drag person. But hey, the children having access to military grade weapons is fine and will teach them to be armature crime fighters on behalf of police. What a waste of brain cells.

“Some Republicans are seeking penalties and restrictions that would apply nationwide. Referring to “pornography” in the foreword to Project 2025, the Heritage Foundation’s blueprint for a possible second Donald Trump administration, the right-wing group’s president, Kevin Roberts, wrote that the “people who produce and distribute it should be imprisoned. Educators and public librarians who purvey it should be classed as registered sex offenders.”

At least they acknowledge that porno distributors should be punished, not fined or shut down, but made to server hard time without a chance to change their product or repent for their sins. Not only them, but the educators who partake in porno crimes should also be subject to public shame and rejection, and eventually prison. This is the plan for the country once their man is back in office; to enforce law and order on a sector of the public that deals with books. These people are mentally ill and have no understanding of how to run a country.

“Indiana lawmakers stripped away “educational purposes” as a defense for school librarians and educators charged with giving minors “obscene” or “harmful” material — felonies punishable by up to 2½ years in jail and $10,000 in fines.”

“It’s putting fear into some people. It’s very scary,” said Diane Rogers, a school librarian who serves as president of the Indiana Library Federation. “If you’re a licensed teacher just being charged with a felony potentially gets rid of your license even if you’re found innocent. That’s a very serious thing.”

That’s right. Strip the librarians and teachers of their livelihood, their pensions and their social security because we are pure cowards who have no problem-solving skills and have resorted to what we know best, which is violence, incarceration and threats to hard working people because no one wants to listen to us and do what we say. Old fashion compromise and intersession does not work for us. So, burn it down!

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